We are children who have been chosen to be the learning council representative for our peers.

The current learning council representatives are:

We meet every couple of weeks to discuss our classes’ ideas about the learning behaviours we would like to change / improve in our school.

During our meetings we talk about what it means to be on the Learning Council, and what our roles are in the school.

We decided that a good starting point for the year would be to discuss our learning so far, outlining the things that we have enjoyed.

These included:

  • Challenging maths lessons
  • Practical science lessons
  • Interesting topics which inspired us to learn
  • Interesting texts or videos for English lessons
  • Displays of our work which showed our best efforts
  • Learning which could be taken outside and made interesting

We regularly carry out Learning Walks around the school and observe every class from FS1 to year 6. While we study the learning environments and children’s attitudes in their class, we also carry out focus Learning Walks.

We have found the following:

  • Children have good attitudes to their classmates and collaborate well
  • Children know what they had to do in their lessons to be successful
  • Children had pride in their work
  • Where working walls were good – they were used and children knew where they could go for help if they were stuck
  • Corridors and shared areas are bright and a calm and purposeful atmosphere where children like to work.
  • Class dojo was used and displayed on the whiteboards
  • Flipcharts are available for the children at anytime in the lessons and these help children become independent learners
  • High frequency workds and year group spellings are used whenever children feel they need them.
  • PE sessions gave the opportunity to play as part of a team and children enjoyed them.
  • Children have high expectations.
  • Feedback from the children is evident in their books,

We hope we can make school life better for you. So if you have any suggestions about how to improve our school please let your learning council representative know.